Since 1992 owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and component fabricators throughout the southeastern United States have contracted with Phillip M. Esswein, P.E. for structural engineering and design services on cold-formed steel projects.  Our goal is to provide timely, cost effective engineering services while meeting project requirements, including applicable building codes, regulations, and design requirements of the contract documents.  The use of computer systems for structural analysis, design, and drafting serves as an aid in producing economical building components and for the timely completion of construction and fabrication documents.


Truss component fabricators have been using the professional services of Phillip M. Esswein, P.E. since 1992 to provide engineering design and fabrication drawings for cold-formed steel roof and floor trusses.  A majority of those truss systems have been designed and detailed with standard C-studs as the chord and web members.  C-studs are commodity items and are normally less expensive than the various proprietary truss shapes.  Before beginning your next truss project contact Phillip M. Esswein, P.E. to see how you can save time and reduce costs while adding value to your project.


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